Archon / 偽神 - Aluminum Dibond

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【印刷方法 / Printing Method】

Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond (ダイレクトプリント on アルミニウム・ディボンド)

【商品について / About the Product】

- 厚さ 0.12インチ (約 0.3 cm) のアルミニウム・ディボンド素材に最高品質でプリントいたします。/ Printed in the highest quality on 0.12 inch (approximately 0.3 cm) thick aluminum dibond material.
- 裏面にアルミニウム製レールが付いており、壁掛けにも対応しております。/ Comes with an aluminum rail on the back, ready for wall mounting.
- 丁寧に色校正をした後、作品を発送させていただきます。/ Carefully color-corrected and shipped after thorough inspection.
- 一点限りの商品となります。再販売はいたしません。/ This is a one-of-a-kind item and will not be reproduced.

【発送について / Shipping】

- 世界各地に拠点を置く WhiteWall社より、厳重に梱包の上、発送いたします。万が一商品が破損していた場合は、お時間をいただくことになりますが、再発送させていただきます。日本国外への発送にも対応しております。/ Shipped securely packed by WhiteWall, a company with global locations. In the unlikely event of damage, we will reship, although it will require some time. We also ship outside Japan.

【納期 / Delivery Time】

10日〜14日 / 10 to 14 days

【作者詳細 / Artwork Details】

作者 / Artist: Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
作品名 / Title: Archon / 偽神
制作年 / Year of Creation: 2020
寸法 / Dimensions: 57.4 x 40.6 cm (22.6 x 16 inches)
URL: https://dolice.design/archon

【作品解説 / Artwork Description】


In our world of chaotic global circumstances, the roles of nations, organizations, and traditions are being reevaluated. In such times, there are individuals who have lost faith in traditional beliefs and instead choose to believe in gods of their own creation. These people worship and adore their idols, feeling a connection to them that surpasses even the bonds with family and friends. The mental fortitude required to adhere to such faith, to continue cherishing it despite its known falsehood, will ultimately manifest their idol into reality, potentially endowing it with a soul. This phenomenon could perhaps be regarded as a unique form of human evolution.

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¥68,000 tax included

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